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16 October 2006
15th Anniversary of the Foundation of MEDIA Salles

Presentation of the “European Cinema Yearbook – 2006 advance edition”

Dear friends,

I inform you that

the fifteenth edition of the
“European Cinema Yearbook”
will be presented in Rome
on 20 October 2006, at 2.30 pm
during the opening session of the Eurovisioni Festival,
Embassy of France in Italy - Palazzo Farnese, Piazza Farnese 67

I am particularly happy to give you this announcement on a date that holds great significance for MEDIA Salles.
Precisely 15 years ago – on 16 October 1991 – in Rome, MEDIA Salles came into being as the first initiative in the history of the European Union to specifically address movie theatres.
On signing the act of constitution, the representatives of the national exhibitors’ associations in Italy, France and The Netherlands saw the completion of the long preparatory work which – with their colleagues and with the crucial support of the Italian Government – confirmed them as key figures in the project that had originated in the Decision by the Council of Ministers of the European Union on 21st December 1990: to set up the first EU’s initiative on behalf of cinemas.
Practically the day after this formal act, on getting down to work ‘in the field’, the Association’s members identified the lack of information on the economic weight and social and cultural role of cinemas as being one of the most urgent problems to deal with. As a consequence, the idea of the Yearbook arose and has now become a reality that has succeeded in gaining a firm foothold, developing and evolving, right up to the celebration of MEDIA Salles’ 15th anniversary today with its fifteenth edition.
I therefore like to think of the Yearbook as a symbol of the pool of services that MEDIA Salles has offered European exhibitors over these past years. The years between 1991 and today have witnessed the completion of three MEDIA Programmes and now the start of MEDIA 2007-2013. Parallel to them, MEDIA Salles has developed a series of initiatives – following the general guidelines of the MEDIA Programme – to meet the demands of European exhibitors in the fields of information, training and the promotion of European films.
On an economic, technological, cultural and political scenario that has undergone radical changes over 15 years – from the expansion of the “multiplex model” to the privatization of the cinema sector in Central and Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, up to the appearance of digital technology – the Yearbook has been a mirror of these changes and at the same time a sign of MEDIA Salles’ closeness to European exhibitors, in other words to those who ensure that films come into contact with their audiences.
Whilst celebrating this achievement, we are grateful to all those who have accompanied us on our way. We should also like to thank the international exhibitors’ community which, thanks to the esteem they have demonstrated towards us and to their advice, has encouraged us to remain faithful to our commitment over all these years. We confirm once again our intention of working in favour of an increasing circulation of European films, with the firm desire to stand as a landmark for those who work in the cinema industry in Europe and in the world.

Sincerely Yours,

Jens Rykær
President of MEDIA Salles

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