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Italian films: when and where
A calendar of their releases from June 2006 to 2017

"The Calendar of international release dates for Italian films" has been drawn up by MEDIA Salles as accurately as possible.
MEDIA Salles would like to thank all the companies and professional operators who have contributed towards creating this resource by supplying information.
Our apologies for any inaccuracies or omissions that may, nevertheless, occur. At the same time, production companies, sales agents and distributors are invited to advise us of any inaccuracies or to inform us of additional data, preferably by e-mail, at the following address: infocinema@mediasalles.it

"Il Calendario delle uscite dei film italiani" a livello internazionale è stato elaborato da MEDIA Salles con la maggior cura possibile.
MEDIA Salles ringrazia tutte le società e i professionisti che, fornendo informazioni, contribuiscono alla realizzazione di questo strumento.
Si scusa per le imprecisioni e le mancanze che potrebbero comunque sussistere. Allo stesso tempo, invita le società di produzione, gli agenti di vendita e i distributori a segnalare eventuali imprecisioni o a comunicare dati aggiuntivi, preferibilmente per e-mail, all'indirizzo infocinema@mediasalles.it


European films: when and where
A joint initiative with Cinema & Video, the distribution of European films from 2006 to 2009.

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Issue no. 8-9 of August/September 2017
"ITALIAN CINEMA IN FRANCE/Annecy opens up to the Industry" (by Elisabetta Brunella)

Issue no. 6-7 of June-July 2017
"FILM ITALIANI ALL'ESTERO/Chiedetelo agli Esercenti" (by Elisabetta Brunella)

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"Sognando il day and date"
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Issue of 23 November 2016
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Issue of 10 October 2016
"L'analisi/Oltre il giardino" (by Paola Bensi and Elisabetta Brunella)

Issue of 5 February 2016
"CASE HISTORY/Human Capital abroad" (by Elisabetta Brunella and Xhejni Xharja)

Issue no. 8-9 of August/September 2007
"Cinema italiano all'estero / Parigi ha nostalgia dell'ultimo tango"
(by Elisabetta Brunella)

Issue no. 5 of May 2007
"Exports / Studying the market"
(by Elisabetta Brunella)
"Public / MEDIA Salles provides the figures"
(Interview with Walter Vacchino)

Issue no. 3-4 of March-April 2007
"Italian movies abroad/Green light for Rosso come il cielo"
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"Experiments/"Christmas movies in Germany" (by Elisabetta Brunella)

Issue no. 9-10 of October-November 2006
"Italian movies abroad" (by Elisabetta Brunella)

Issue no. 7-8 of August-September 2006
"Releasing Italian movies outside Italy" (by Elisabetta Brunella)