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International Edition No. 201 - year 17 - 16 September 2022

Special issue on the occasion of the 18th CineFest - Miskolc International Film Festival 2022

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Dear Readers,

Elisabetta Brunella here we are once again at our appointment with Cinefest Miskolc, the festival now in its eighteenth year, which brings to Hungary a rich selection of local, domestic and international films and hosts the meeting of the members of the art cinema association and the national association of cinema exhibitors.
In this context, MEDIA Salles again makes its contribution, with a focus on domestic films and on the role they play in cinema-going.

Herebelow you will find an excerpt from the presentation, accompanied by a map showing the market shares achieved by domestic films on each individual European market in 2021, updating the report already published on the MEDIA Salles website for 2019 and 2020.

We shall continue to publish updates on this theme, in particular in the section "European Cinema Charts", an exclusive initiative by MEDIA Salles which makes it possible - thanks to the interactive maps - to have an overall view of trends on Europe’s film markets, analyzing them from various viewpoints - from the ecological transition to the impact of the main circuits, from added content to average admissions.
Keep up with us!

Elisabetta Brunella
Secretary General of MEDIA Salles


This year MEDIA Salles again continues their survey on the presence of Italian films in cinemas abroad.
We publish the main results available up to now, pointing out that the large amount of added content, especially of a cultural nature, is partly due to the digitization of projection that has taken place over the past few years.

Top domestic films

In a year like 2020 that was quite out of the oridinary, marked by the pandemic and its consequences - closure of cinemas, limitations to access, postponement of releases or releases of new films re-directed onto digital platforms, domestic productions, often together with added content, have often represented a safety net for theatres and audiences alike. More or less everywhere in 2020 the market shares of domestic films achieved higher quotas than in 2019 and in most European countries these shares came in first or second place in the 2012-2021 decade, coming to more than 20%.

In 2021 the performance of domestic films confirmed a substantially good result in Western Europe, where it generally remained higher than in 2019, though with the exception of Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and the Ubited Kingdom. In Central and Eastern Europe, instead, domestic films achived lower market shares than in 2019 in several countries, especially in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, the Slovak Republic and Turkey.

The figures available up to the present seem to re-confirm that domestic films bring to cinemas an audience that is not so attracted by international blockbusters. Less encouraging is the fact that the success of domestic productions is often linked to few titles, even only one or two with wide popular appeal.

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