International Edition No.3 - year 1 - 3 March 2006


The many faces of digital
Editorial by Domenico Dinoia, President of MEDIA Salles

Our journey inside the world of digital projection continues. A world which, although still in its early days – or perhaps for this very reason – is extremely complex and takes different forms. Starting from the “split” between D- and E-Cinema and from the related difficulty of finding and agreeing on homogeneous criteria for defining each of them. In fact, if some of the professional operators in the cinematographic cycle identify the former with respect for high standards of quality, for an equal number of other professionals the definition should be far broader.
For MEDIA Salles, one of whose main objectives is information and training of exhibitors, what counts, first and foremost, is to give their readers, and those who take part in their courses and initiatives the most varied and exhaustive range of elements for making their own evaluation of the present scenario and choosing the solution that is best suited to their own requirements.
In these pages we are therefore hosting, and will continue to host, very different ideas, sometimes opposing ones, and varying experiences in the field of digital projection, alternatively giving independent theatres, exhibition chains and international circuits a chance to be heard. [...]
We are also continuing to publish the data on theatres with DLP CinemaTM projectors in the different countries of Europe: following Italy, it is now Denmark’s turn (Click to see the table).

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Technology: a democratic choice?
Interview with Kees Ryninks, Managing Director of CinemaNet Europe

In issue no. 2/2005 of our Newsletter and in the “Course Report” of “DigiTraining Plus” 2004, we discussed the transition from DocuZone to CinemaNet Europe and the objectives of this circuit. One year on, how has CinemaNet Europe evolved?


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Special Rate at 450€
Extended Deadline at 10 March
"DigiTraining Plus: New Technologies for European Cinemas"

Third edition

5-9 April 2006, Kuurne (Belgium),
at Barco headquarters

  • Exchange opinions with other exhibitors in an international setting;
  • Bring yourself up-to-date with the new technologies through seminars and hands-on sessions;
  • Compare, together with experts, different business models for digital transition;
  • Listen to the comments of those who have already gained significant experience in this field;
  • Visit movie theatres at the forefront in adopting the new technologies;
  • Watch films and alternative content digitally projected, right up to the new threshold of 3-D. 

Among the lecturers, Mads Egmont Christensen, Mecano Film (Moderator of the course), Eric Dillens, nWave Pictures; Gabriel Fehervari, Chief Executive Officer, Alfacam/Euro1080; Rickard Gramfors, Digital Houses-FHP; Denis Kelly, Cinema Operations Manager, Eastman Kodak; Ben Stassen, nWave Pictures; Glenn Wastyn, Business Development Manager, Barco.                     

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Unique Prize Draw offered by Barco to 3 of the trainees:

"Have a Digital Cinema projector in your theatre
for free for 1 month"

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(see description and technical fact card on the
D-Cine Premiere DP100)

(see description and technical fact card on the
D-Cine Premiere DP90)




"I took part in "DigiTraining Plus" 2005. The fact that practical suggestions were advanced, both with regard to content and with regard to business models, was really very useful”.

Antonio Vincenzo Padula,
E.R. Duni Theatre of Matera (Italy)







Nordisk Film Biografer A/S
Strategy and views on Digital Cinema

by Jan Petersen, CTO/IT Manager, Nordisk Film Biografer A/S


We believe that the conversion to digital cinema is the largest operational and technological change to hit the industry since the first “talkie” (The Jazz Singer) was released in 1927. The paradox is that the conversion is both a big opportunity and a big threat to exhibitors large and small.
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