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International Edition No. 46 - year 4
28 February 2009


DigiTraining Plus 2009:
European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies

London and Hull (Great Britain, 25th February – 1st March 2009)
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The participants attending the sixth edition of DigiTraining Plus moved from London, where the course started on 25 February, to Hull on the east coast of England, with the aim of visiting the Princes Quay Cinema.
Thanks to its unique distinguishing feature – being equipped exclusively with digital projectors – the 10-screen complex opened by the Vue chain in December 2007, is the only one of its kind in Europe.

Paul Denny, Manager of Princes Quay, spoke on the subject of how to manage and programme a totally digital multiplex, drawing an interesting and instructive picture of the cinema’s first year in operation, during which audiences were offered 140 titles in digital format. A demo of 3D material and the screening of a Queen concert in the Ukraine – an example of particularly well-appreciated alternative content – allowed the DigiTraining Plus course members to get an idea of the variety and versatility of the offer made possible by digital technology.

The Hull trip completed the programme of visits in the field and screenings of different kinds of content, which have characterized the 2009 edition of the MEDIA Salles course. These included a session at the Empire Leicester Square Cinema, which, operating in a highly competitive context, has recently laid its odds on an increase in screens and the adoption of digital to develop its competitive edge, as well as a special 4K screening at the headquarters of Sony Pictures Europe. In the limelight the Czech film “Tobruk”, a huge success on the home market, with 4K post-production by Cinepost of Prague.

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