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  International Edition No. 84 - year 7 - 29 August 2012


From the ninth edition of the course
"DigiTraining Plus: European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies"

29 August - 2 September 2012

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Today, 29 August, the EYE Film Institute of Amsterdam opens its doors to welcome participants on the ninth DigiTraining Plus course.

Theater 3 will host the welcome speeches by the organizers and MEDIA Salles' partners, amongst whom are Ido Abram, director of communications at the EYE Film Institute, Ron Sterk, director of NVB, the Dutch exhibitors' association and of Cinema Digitaal, and Dominique van Ratingen, head of the MEDIA Desk Nederland.

As representative of the MEDIA Salles Executive Committee, Mike Vickers will introduce the participants to the spirit of this course: "The new technologies must be accompanied by new ideas and a new way of conceiving the cinema experience."

The course moderator, Mads Egmont Christensen, an all-round figure on the Danish cinema scene who has worked with MEDIA Salles for many years, will, instead, be responsible for outlining the course programme which, according to a well-consolidated tradition, combines theory, presented in lectures and talks by experts in the sector, with the practice gained on visits to exceptional venues in the field of digital technologies.

The first of these significant locations to be explored by the group of DigiTraining participants will be the new headquarters of the EYE Film Institute itself, where innovation is at the service of national and international audiovisual culture, making the most of its collection.

The day will conclude with the projection of 14 experimental short films selected and presented by Thomas Scholz, Project Manager of CineGrid, an Amsterdam-based company distributing high-quality alternative digital content. The works programmed have, in fact, been made in 4K and represent a sample of what can be produced by exploiting the artistic potential of super definition offered by this emerging digital format.

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