ITALY: regional support for digitalization*

At the end of November the Regional Committee of Tuscany approved the publication of a call for applications for digitalization by the Region's cinemas. The Head of Culture, Councillor Cristina Scaletti, emphasized that, faced with the so-called "switch-off" of 35mm foreseen for 2014, this intervention is mainly necessary to guarantee the survival of small and medium-sized theatres.
The new call for applications - which will have available a total budget of 650,000 euros - is the third destined for the conversion of Tuscany's cinema screens. The two previous public calls have already contributed to the conversion of around 80% of the Region's movie theatres and with the third it is hoped that 100% digitalization will be attained.

The Molise Region has published a call for applications for the digitalization of cinemas, thanks to the Por Fers funds, in other words the European Regional Development Fund, with an overall allocation of one million euros.
The measure foresees non-repayable financing equal to: 50% of eligible costs (up to a maximum of 50,000 euros) for projects contributing to the digitalization of a single screen; 45% (for a maximum of 45,000 euros) for the digitalization of two or three screens; 40% (up to a maximum of 40,000 euros) for the conversion of four or more screens.
As well as the purchase of equipment for digital projection conforming to DCI specifications, amongst the eligible costs are the cost of adapting the projection booth and the purchase of equipment for satellite reception.
The deadline for the presentation of applications is 23 December 2013.

* This text updates the articles published in DGT Online Informer nos. 98, 91, 89, 88, 82