MEDIA Salles has presented in Cannes on 19 May 1999 the first edition of the newsletter
European Cinema Journal
A preview of the data on cinema exhibition in Europe in 1998

On the 19 May at 10.30 a.m., at the Cannes Market, in the Oréal Pavilion, the presentation has been held of the first edition of the Newsletter published by MEDIA Salles, the project supported by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union and the Italian Government, in favour of exhibiting theatres.
Under the title “European Cinema Journal”, this publication, which will be issued four times a year in Italian and in English, will complement the tools by means of which MEDIA Salles has been offering, since 1992, specific and up-to-date information on the European cinema industry: the “European Cinema On-line Database” on the Internet and the “European Cinema Yearbook”.

From the left to the right:
Gianni Massaro, Mario Liggeri, Romano Fattorossi, Jacques Delmoly, Elisabetta Brunella, Luciana Castellina
The Newsletter will be distributed during the promotional events for European cinema organised by MEDIA Salles, “Focus on Europe” at Amsterdam, and in Atlantic City, as well as at the Cannes and Venice Festivals. It will be available over the MEDIA Salles Internet site ( and will also be sent out to professional players, researchers and institutions active in the field of cinema exhibition.
In the opening issue the main subject of the “European Cinema Journal” is the preview of cinema exhibition results in Western and Eastern Europe in 1998.  The number of tickets sold and number of screens, recorded for a total of 24 countries, offers a broad view of cinema-going in the Old Continent, during a year which recorded an exceptional increase in audiences for some countries.