An initiative of the EU MEDIA Programme with the support of the Italian Government Since 1992 MEDIA Salles has been promoting the European cinema and its circulation at theatrical level




  Country Town Cinema
3 France Brétigny S/Orge CINE 220
7 France Fontainebleau CINEMA ERMITAGE
9 France Tremblay en France CINEMA JACQUES TATI
10 France Tours CINEMAS LES " STUDIO "
11 France Nemours CINEMA MELIES
13 Italy Palombara Sabina CINEMA TEATRO NUOVO
14 Italy Polignano a mare CINEMA TEATRO VIGNOLA
15 Italy Cologno Monzese CINETEATRO DI VIA VOLTA
16 Italy Genoa Sampierdarena CLUB DEGLI AMICI DEL CINEMA
17 Netherlands Deventer FILMHUIS DE KEIZER
18 italy Padua MULTIASTRA
19 Italy Lagonegro
20 France Dunkerque STUDIO 43


    A series of 23 films programmed as matinées for children in primary and lower secondary schools. Evaluation of the film viewed. Completion of forms handed out to schools and synopses for teachers to allow for better learning.
    Catalogues given to the heads of schools.
  2. CINECLUBE DE FARO - Faro (Portugal)
    Internet website:
    "JCE - Juventude / Cinema / Escola" - (youth / cinema / school)
    Initiatives for primary and secondary school pupils participating in a Ministry of Culture teaching project:
    • systematic learning programme;
    • regular viewing of films;
    • responsible behaviour at the cinema.
  3. CINE 220 - Brétigny S/Orge (France) - "CINE / GOÛTER / DEBAT" - ("CINEMA / TEA / DEBATE")
    Internet website:
    An initiative which takes place two times a month all year round for young people from nursery schools to University. The aim is visual education. After the screenings there are thematic debates, and sometimes guests discuss the film with the young audience. After five tickets bought, one screening is free. There are also discount tickets for people coming to the cinema with a child.
    Internet website:
    For several years now the Cineclub Arsenale of Pisa has been running a "permanent workshop" on visual education with the aim of providing a deeper knowledge of the language of the cinema, by means of numerous courses organised in the schools. For pupils and teachers.
    • Training courses for teachers: The history of the nineteen hundreds through Italian-style comedy, Literature and the cinema, Cinema and cross culture, Transgression and adolescence.
    • Cycles of films for students: In school hours the Arsenale has made its premises available for school screenings.
    • Courses of visual education in schools : "workshops" for the analysis of films and film language; "workshops" for the analysis of television language, courses in history of the cinema, theoretical/practical courses for the making of films.
    • Arsenalecult: For two years the Arsenale cinema has been publishing a monthly magazine, produced by children attending lower or upper secondary schools or the first/second year of university. The magazine is circulated in upper secondary schools and university.
    • Screenings: as an Association of film culture, the priority is to offer young people films that will move and involve them. Films that have written the history of the cinema. Illustrated explanatory materials are provided for both teachers and students.
    "La scuola e la magia del cinema" - ( "School and the magic of the cinema") Second edition - an initiative that aims to bring together the world of school and the world of the cinema, emphasising the importance of audiovisual language. The objective is to provide tools for the understanding and use of this language, through workshops and meetings. Screenings are held in cinemas in the town, whilst workshops are held directly in the schools.
    Going to the cinema and making films: understanding films from this dual point of view: watching and creating.
    After seeing the film at the cinema, in the classroom the children are asked to recreate the set. This gives them the opportunity to develop a different awareness of themselves in relation to their classmates. Another important aim is to promote and improve communication in the classes. A valid method for all age ranges.
  6. CINEMA CICOLELLA - San Severo (Italy) -
    "Schools at the cinema - the children of the third millennium"
    • Presentation of the initiative to heads of schools and teachers.
    • Choice of films and viewing at the cinema accompanied by operational guides for teachers.
    • Guided tour, for 18 fifth-year classes, to the projection room: viewing of the mounting, removal and rewinding of the reels, of a sequence of stills, explanation of sound distribution. Visit to the town museum to see two old-fashioned projectors and a collection of film posters.

    "David di Donatello - Schools"
    The young people cast their votes using special voting cards and at least one essay per participant was collected to send to the national commission. To enhance the value of the experience, the young people received a free subscription for series of art-house screenings. A free year's subscription to the Cicolella cinema was presented to the three pupils who presented the best essays locally.

  7. CINEMA ERMITAGE - Fontainebleau (France)
    Initiatives for the young audiences of the primary school. The objective is to promote and hold debates in order to develop the children's curiosity. The debates take place in the theatre with pupils and teachers.
  8. CINEMA FANTARCA - Modugno (Italy)
    XVII international children's film week
    Destinees: children from primary and lower-secondary schools.
    Aims: to deal with current topics through films.
    The participants are introduced to the film by a brief presentation. The screening is followed by a debate supported by a detailed film fact card prepared by experts on audiovisual language.
  9. CINEMA JACQUES TATI - Tremblay en France (France)
    Internet website:
    "Du cinema dans le cartable" - ("CINEMA IN THE SCHOOL-BAG")
    Initiative for primary school pupils. Screening of European films, presentation, study of a sequence at school, work on culture.
  10. CINEMAS LES " STUDIO " - Tours (France)
    Internet website :
    "Ateliers du mercredi" - ("Wednesday's workshops")
    An initiative for younger audiences with the aim of facilitating self expression and imagination after the screenings (mostly European). After the screening, children are asked to express what they have seen and felt. They are helped with texts, drawings, plasticine, games with questions about the film.
    These works are then exhibited in the foyer of the cinema, some are published on the children's programmes. The list of the games is displayed on the children's notice board.
  11. CINEMA MELIES - Nemours (France)
    Initiatives for the young audience of the primary school. The objective is to promote and hold debates in order to develop the children's curiosity. The debates take place in the theatre with pupils and teachers. The Cinema Meliès sends teaching schedules to the schools.
    "Children and the seventh art - Springtime of the poets": screenings of art-houses films;
    "Le point animation jeunesse": children and teen-agers are helped with relational difficulties or problems at school.
  12. CINEMA TEATRO MASSIMO - Benevento (Italy)
    Activity addressing students and teachers, with the aim of educating young people in film culture. Divided into:
    training course : "Lessons on the Cinema", directed by experts on the cinema;
    film week: a selection of European films especially for students with didactic-educational objectives specific to the level of schooling;
    video competition: "Kids Shorts 2003": creation of short films by young directors;
    window on science and the cinema: the site has opened a Window on "Science and Images" which has given visibility to work by young people;
    science and cinema week: activities to promote awareness, such as "open doors to the cinema" or "cinema-going with Mum and Dad" with debates and opportunities for thought;
    final day: selection and presentation of awards to the short films competing. Meeting-debate to evaluate the effectiveness of the project and its didactic, social and cultural effects.
    In consideration of its didactic value, the European Commission has assigned the project the Netd@ys Europa 2000 attestation of quality.
  13. CINEMA TEATRO NUOVO - Palombara Sabina (Italy) -
    "Schools festival- audiovisual didactic project" (seventh edition)
    A didactic project to orientate young audiences and teach them the basics of visual language, through a series of screenings destined for primary school pupils. Series of European films for children and a section "Environmental theatre", with companies with an international reputation and theatre performances in harmony with the environment.
    Presentation and discussion of films by the authors. Jury of 100 pupils led by monitors, who evaluate each film on a special card prepared by the cultural association 'Il Laboratorio'.
    Screenings at the Cinema Nuovo Teatro of Palombara Sabina.
    The objective is to familiarise participants with watching and learning how to analyse a film. To provide the children with an objective critical awareness. Each film is preceded by the reading of the story and information on the authors and on the cast.
  14. CINEMA TEATRO VIGNOLA - Polignano a mare (Italy) -
    "Pino Pascali 2002 award"
    The initiative addressed children from lower and upper secondary schools with the aim of developing their critical and aesthetic powers by means of the cinema.
    The National Pino Pascali Award, set up in 1969, is awarded by a jury to an Italian multi-media artist working in Italy, for an experimental work showing evidence of aesthetic experimentation and judged by the children after having seen the films.
  15. CINETEATRO DI VIA VOLTA - Cologno Monzese (Italy)
    "Per tutti... soprattutto ragazzi" - ("For everybody especially for children")
    An initiative for children from the age of 3 to 14, on alternate Saturdays, from November to March. 9 films and 6 theatrical performances. Cinema workshops for children after the screenings, attempting to go back over the history of the cinema. Presentation of nine pre-cinema machines. The children had to reflect on various concepts and were guided in the creation of their very own pre-cinema machine (with light materials, such as paper, cardboard, plasticine), before inventing a story and telling it through images.
    At the end of the series an exhibition was organised in which all the machines were presented to local people. Afterwards a workshop was set up, in which groups of children could choose a machine to tell a story they had invented themselves.
  16. CLUB DEGLI AMICI DEL CINEMA - Genoa Sampierdarena (Italy)
    Internet website: http://digilander.libero.it_amicicinema
    "Children and the cinema" - Film Week where 50% of the screenings are European productions. Part of it is "Filmbusters - Cineclub for youngsters" (at its 8th edition, in partnership with Biblioteca Internazionale De Amicis) with premières, traditional cartoons, new visual experiences created on computers, art-house productions.
    Cultural initiatives accompanying the screenings:
    • "The library visits the cinema", a book-lending service directly in the cinema;
    • "Mini Film Reviews", in which each spectator receives a sheet on which they review one or more films;
    • "Cinereadings", a reading-coupon for each child to take part in the Sunday series of animated readings offered by the Biblioteca Internazionale De Amicis.
    • An agreement has also been set up with the Città dei Bambini: a discount for anyone who presents a Filmbusters ticket at the cash desk and vice-versa. A discount for all those who present the Città dei Bambini ticket at the cash desk. The opportunity to take out a subscription to 10 shows.

    "Schools and the cinema" - for seven years has been spreading film knowledge in Genoa's schools. The series comprises over 40 titles. After the screenings the children produced various follow-ups (compositions, reviews, research projects), thanks also to the teachers.
    "David di Donatello - schools" - Screenings of Italian films selected for the David di Donatello- Schools award.

  17. FILMHUIS DE KEIZER -Deventer (The Netherlands)
    Internet website:
    "Jeugdfilmhuis Pompernikkel", the art house cinema for youngsters (4-12 years old). Members get the special children's folder 6 times a year and a discount of 1 euro on admission. Films are mainly European (over 80%). On Wednesday children can go on a tour behind the scenes to show them that a film projector is not just any old VCR or DVD player.
    Filmhuis de Keizer participates in the national Cinekid op Locatiefestival every year and also participates in the national education programme. Screenings for schools (8-12 years old) in Deventer. Mainly European films.
    "The international youth film festival in Deventer " children from 15-18 years old from different schools in Europe. 50% European films. Also films produced at their schools, which enter a competition. This Festival is held jointly by Filmhuis de Keizer and the Etty Hillesum Lyceum in Deveter. More info in (mainly in Dutch).
    "Moviezone", is a nationwide project aimed at people of 15-25 years old. An initiative subsidised by the Dutch government.
    "Lola tanzt..! Lola tanzt..!" (2001) An interesting experiment where a band composed a new soundtrack for Lola rennt (Run, Lola, Run) (Tom Tykwer). It was performed live during the screening of the film. The film was screened on five screens at the same time and people were able to dance to the soundtrack while watching Tykwer's film. See
    2 euro discount to everyone who has a CJP - card (the Dutch Cultural Youth passport), for people from 15 to 25 years old.
  18. MULTIASTRA - Padua (Italy)
    Internet website:
    "Appreciated by minors" - Cineforum for family audiences based on the choice of recent, quality films.
    "Roll: stories of children at the cinema" - a film week for schools specially for children from 6 to 13, on the same theme and accompanied by activities in the cinema and exploratory didactic routes coherent with the topic of the film.
    In 2002/2003 the topic was: "Other possible worlds".
    • extra material on the plot, topics and themes of each film;
    • suggestions for work in class after seeing the film;
    • the presence of two female leaders for the ancillary activities in the cinema;
    • a free screening for teachers and parents (at the Multisala Astra) to present the project;
    • online consultancy.
  19. NUOVO IRIS - Lagonegro (Italy) e NUOVA ITALIA - Latronico (Italy)
    "Schools and the magic of the cinema"
    An initiative addressing children in nursery, primary and lower secondary schools.
    Topic-based routes linked to recently produced films, organised according to suggestions from the teachers, who worked closely with the children.
    The teaching activities are extended and backed up by workshops, stages, meetings, in which new topics are dealt with and new methods of proceeding are suggested.
    The high points of the project are: the screenings (at the cinema) and the workshops, with debates (in the classroom).
  20. STUDIO 43 - Dunkerque (France) - "LES TOILES FILANTES" -
    Internet website:
    Selection of screenings based on pedagogical interest, followed by activities led by a specialist. Games, questions and various encouragements to lead the child to reflect on the film's themes. Followed by a tea together.