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Original Title

Blinker en bagbagjuweel


6 till 12 years

Country of origin


Language spoken


Year of production



138,000 tickets (Flanders)


Antonino Lombardo
Prime Time
Potaerdegatstraat 18a 1080 Brussel
Tel: + 32 2 469 1700
Fax: + 32 2 469 1426

Domestic distribution

Jekino Paleizenstaat 70 1210 Brussel - Felix Vanginderhuysen

Domestic release

20 December 2000

Sales agent

Brussels Ave - Jochen Girsh


The summer holidays. At Blinkerís home life carries on as usual. Nelleís swotting for her resit, Mumís sweating away at the ironing board and DadÖ well, heís incorrigible. Heís just joined the local botany society. But whatever his Dadís doing in a botany society is a complete mystery to Blinker.
Together with his Dad, Blinker takes some photos of the valuable works of art stored at the castle. The idea is to show the photographs at the Botanical Societyís exhibition. Dad canít keep his nose out of anything and this just about gives the Baroness a heart attack. On the way home Blinker suddenly finds the road blocked by the Red Vampires, the local hooligans. Blinker swerves to avoid the roadblock and crashes headlong into Father Boeck coming the other way.
Blinker takes Father Boeck back to the church. Thereís an antique telescope up in the church tower. Father Boeck believes in reincarnation and is extremely interested in supernatural phenomena, such as life forces at full moon and apparitions. He loves to lose himself in this subject, forgetting both time and reality. Blinker pretends to be interested although he has his doubts. Father Boeck suggests going to collect a few books on the subject from the local school for the Deaf, where heís the principal. On leaving the school thereís an unpleasant surprise awaiting them: due to the danger of the building caving in, the school has been condemned. Father Boeck has no idea where the children will go to school the following term because thereís no money for any repairs. However Father Boeck is confident that everything will work out in the end. The stars are looking favourable! Back at home in his room Blinker glances through the book that Father Boeck has leant him and to his astonishment reads that apparitions are anything but a figment of the imagination. That night the ghost of the Baroness appears to Blinker in a dream. Next morning Blinkerís Mum reads out the Baronessí obituary. Apparently she had died that very same night !
At the Baronessí funeral Blinker meets up with his friend Nelle again. She had stayed with her deaf niece Sara that summer holiday.
In her will the Baroness leaves the castle to Ward, the gamekeeper, her friend of many years and confidant. The precious BagBag jewel is bequeathed to the school for the Deaf, where Sara also goes to school. The Baronessí grandfather, who was also deaf, had originally had the school built.
Thereís only one problem: no one knows where the jewel is. The whole village soon knows about the will, and so do the thieves. They break into the castle. The Red Vampires get away with a booty of antiques. Blinker, Nelle and Sara witness the break in by accident. But they donít know whether the thieves have stolen the BagBag jewel or not.
Blinker wants to save the school whatever it takes. A one-man quest for the precious BagBag jewel begins. But his aspirations to be a detective overcome his common sense. Together with Nelle, he throws himself into frightening and dangerous adventures, but in the end everything turns out right for all involved.