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The butterfly

Original Title

Le papillon
Director Philippe Muyl
Genre Dramatic comedy
Country of origin France
Language spoken French
Year of production 2002
Admissions 941,499 (France, as at 4 February 2003)
Box Office $ 5,507,769 (France, as at 4 February 2003)
Production ALICELEO
(Patrick Godeau)
1 quai Gabriel Péri
94340 Joinville-Le-Pont
Phone + 33 143976800
Fax + 33 1 43976801
Co-production Canal +, Cofimage 13, France 2 Cinéma, Gimages 6, Natexis Banques Populaires Images 3, Rhône-Alpes Cinéma
Domestic distribution RÉZO FILMS
29 Rue des Faubourg - Paris
Phone: +33 142464630
Fax: +33 142464082
Domestic release 18 December 2002
Sales agent

Sébastien Chesneau, International Sales Manager
Phone: + 33 (0)1 56 22 90 70
Fax: + 33 (0)1 56 22 90 84
Website :


This film is one of the Giffoni Film Festival selection for the participants at "Focus on Europe - Kidflix Special"

List of Distributors
Release date Country Distributor
  Switzerland GMH Distribution
29 August 2003 (Luxemburg)
25 December 2002 (Belgium)
Benbelux Le Film de l'Elysees
Bernard Brawerman
Avenue du Château-Jaco, 1
1410 Waterloo Belgique
Phone : +32 23520560
Fax : +32 23520570
E-mail :
Future release: end August 2003 Greece Audio Visual Enterprises
Takis Veremis
104 Ethnikis antisteseos
15351 Pallini Attikis - Grèce
Phone : +30 2106603000
Fax : +30 2106666996
E-mail :
Future release: end August 2003 Chyprus Audio Visual Enterprises
To be distributed Austria Kool
Future release: 18/12/03 Germany Kool Filmdist.
Ludwig Amman et Michael Isele
Belfortstrasse 37
79098 Freiburg i.Br
Phone: +49 761407592
Fax: +49 761407592
To be distributed in 2003 Hungary Best Hollywood Kft / Peekshill A.V.V
Oliver Shiflish
1125 Budapest
Trencseni U, 14 - Hongrie
Phone: +36 12021449/2253066
(P) +36 309525257
Fax: +36 12020133
Future release: January 2004 Slovakia Best Hollywood Kft
Future release: October 2003 Czech Republic Best Hollywood Kft
To be distributed Scandinavia CCV
Willy Johansen (VP)
Stromsveien 223 - PO Box 95
Alnabru N-0614 Oslo - Norvège
Phone: +47 22610118
(P) +47 92266376 Fax : +47 23069910
E-mail :
To be distributed Poland SPI
Loni Farhi
928 Broadway, Suite 700, NY NY 10010
Phone: +1 2126735103
Fax: +1 2126735183


Eight-year-old Elsa and her single mother Isabel move into a new apartment block in Paris. Julien, a gruff watchmaker who is now a pensioner, lives in the same block. After the death of his son he now has one great passion: collecting butterflies.
One afternoon Elsa's mother does not come to pick her up at the Bistrot where they were to meet and where Julien can usually be found. The old man finds himself forced to accompany the girl home. From that moment on Elsa begins to visit Julien and she discovers that the old man is planning a visit to the Vercors region to capture a rare butterfly. Elsa hides in his car, only allowing herself to be found when it is too late to turn back. At first Julien decides to consign the girl to the police, but then he allows himself to be convinced to keep her with him when Elsa tells him that her mother is in agreement with this plan. The two embark on an adventurous journey during which they learn to get to know and to love each other, notwithstanding their differences. Julien teaches Elsa respect for life and for others, while Elsa helps Julien to rediscover the pleasure and warmth of laughter.