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Ghetto kids

Original Title

Ghetto kids
Director Christian Wagner
Genre Drama
Country of origin France, Germany
Language spoken German
Year of production 2002

Wildtrudenstrasse 5
D- 80805 Munich
Phone +49 8936049
Fax +49 8936049160

World sales
Sonnerstrasse 21
D-80331 Munich
Phone +49 897558760
Fax +49 8955876188
Domestic release September 2002 (Germany)
October 2002 (France)

This film is one of the Giffoni Film Festival selection for the participants at "Focus on Europe - Kidflix Special".


Thirteen-year-old Christos lives with his mother and two brothers in a one-room flat situated in a working-class neighbourhood. The boy spends his free time picking pockets in the station and the underground and worrying about his turbulent older brother Maikis. In the meantime a new teacher called Hanna Solinger has joined Christos' school, but after the first day of school she has told the Headmaster that she doesn't want to go back to that awful class. What the teacher didn't say is that Christos stole from her in the station the day before. In this way Hannah gains Christos' respect and when Maikos is arrested in the school playground Christos begs her to return to the school to help his brother. At first Hannah refuses, but Xaver, an ex-music teacher who has become a social worker, manages to persuade her to stay and to try out new teaching methods. In this way the two teachers manage to hold the students' attention and to help both Maikis and Christos. The situation seems to be getting better until one of Christos' victims recognises him at the station…