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Help I am a boy

Original Title

Hilfe, ich bin ein Junge or
Verzauberte Emma


Oliver Dommenget



Country of origin


Language spoken


Year of production



Studio Hambourg Filmproduktion

Domestic release

October 2002

International sales agent

Cinepool – World Distribution
Sonnenstrasse 21
D – 80331 Munich
Tel + 49 89 55 8760
Fax + 49 89 55 876168


Eleven-year-old Emma doesn’t have it easy. Her mother expects her to always outperform the others, and her mean swim coach wants to make an Olympic swimmer out of her, no matter what.
After being harassed yet again by her schoolmate Mickey, Emma wants nothing more than to become a different person. As though by magic, her wish is fulfilled - but not exactly as she wanted: Emma turns into Mickey. And Mickey turns into Emma...
They both have a really big problem, especially since Emma’s big swimming competition is in two days. Emma and Mickey then turn to their weird friend “Four Eyes”, who admits that he has got the spell out of a magic book he found in the woods. In the ensuing chase, the three kids find out that the book belongs to a wizard and they only have 54 hours to reverse the spell, otherwise they will stay the way they are now, forever.
The most adventurous days of their lives follows, as Mickey must enter the swimming competition in order to win the gold medal necessary to reverse the spell.
In the end, Emma realizes that life is not at all about studying and training, and Mickey discovers that his own drawing talent could improve with the right amount of ambition. But the most important thing for the two is that their opinions about each other have changed and they have become friends.