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Help, I am a fish

Original Title

Hilfe, ich bin ein Fisch



Country of origin

Germany, Denmark, Ireland

Language spoken


Year of production


International distribution

Hanway Films
24 Hanway Street, W1T 1UH London, UK
Tel +44 207 290 0750
Fax: +44 207 290 0751


The three children Fly, Stella and Chuck set off on a fishing trip, but get into deep trouble, when they wind up in cranky Professor Mac Krill's mysterious laboratory. The professor is working on a potion  that will make it possible for humans  to live under water, as he expects an impending submerging of the continents. Fly's little sister Stella accidentally drinks the potion, is transformed into a starfish and finds herself on the bottom of the sea. The two boys now have to follow after Stella, Fly in the form of a fish and Chuck as a jellyfish. They have exactly 48 hours to find Fly's sister and the antidote - or else they will remain fish forever. The three fish-children are hurled into amusing and thrilling adventures, and Stella gets a real close girlfriend in the seahorse Sasha.