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Summer with the ghosts

Original Title

Director Bernd Neuburger
Genre Drama
Country of origin Austria, Canada
Language spoken German
Year of production 2003

A-1040 Vienna,
Negasse 44/24
Phone +43 15817896
Fax +43 15872743

LA FÊTE (Canada)
387 West St. Paul Street
Montreal, Quebec Canada H2Y 2A7
Phone +1 514 8480417
Fax +1 514 8480064

World sales
LA FETE (Canada)
Awards This film is one of the Giffoni Film Festival selection for the participants at "Focus on Europe - Kidflix Special"


Ten-year-old Caroline travels from her home in Montréal to Austria to visit her filmmaker father, who is on location in a medieval castle. Something seems to be going wrong with the special effects being produced by the long-time effects director, Otto. Catherine suspects that someone is sabotaging the production, and decides to investigate. With the help of Jacob, an Austrian boy who is the same age as Catherine - and who has been keenly following the activities of the film crew - Catherine uncovers the culprits: the ghosts of five nuns who were buried alive some 500 years earlier for daring to dance during the night. Their ghosts dance on the edge of the lake every night, searching for a man to dance with them and Otto seems to be the ideal partner. Catherine and Jacob try to make a deal with the ghosts so that they will stop tormenting the poor technician.