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The Flying Classroom

Original Title

Das Fliegende Klassenzimmer


Tomy Wigand



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Year of production



1,542,496 (Germany, as at 9 March 2003)

Box Office



Bavaria Filmverleih - und Produktions GmbH (D)
Lunaris Film (D)
Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF) (D)

Domestic distribution/World Sales

Constantin Film (D)
Media Suits Ltd. (JP) (Japan) (theatrical)
Bavaría Film International / Dept. of Bavaria Media GmbH

Domestic release

16 January 2003

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Bavarian Film Award 2003 (Best Production)
Castellinaria International Festival of Young Cinema 2003 (Silver Castle)
German Film Awards 2003 (Film Award in Gold – Best Children’s Film)
German Film Critics Award 2004 (Best Film Score)

Suggested by

Giancarlo Zappoli, Artistic Director of the Castellinaria Festival (Bellinzona – CH)
Selected for Zlín Film Festival – 2004 edition in the section Feature Films for Children

List of Distributors

Release date


17 January 2003


30 January 2003

Switzerland (German speaking region)

15 April 2004



Jonathan is only twelve, but he's already gone through six boarding schools. His last chance is Leipzig's St. Thomas School, home of the world-famous boys' choir. And for Jonathan, there's no better place to be. As he makes friends with his roommates, they take him to their secret meeting place: an abandoned train car. There they discover a mysterious stranger named Bob one day – and the script for a play, The Flying Classroom. With new music and rap lyrics, it's going to be the kids' personal contribution to the school's Christmas show. Even the rebellious Mona agrees to join them since… well, since she's never met anyone as sweet as Jonathan. Unaware of the play's author and what it means to their favorite teacher Justus, the kids unwittingly trigger a turbulent chain of events. But in the end, their adventures open their eyes to the value of friendship and civil courage – and even bring two old friends back together, Bob and Justus, who'd been separated for years by inhumanity and injustice.