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Since 1992 MEDIA Salles has been promoting the European cinema and its circulation at theatrical level




The new MEDIA Salles Executive Committee elected in Cannes

On Sunday 17 May 2015 in Cannes, the General Meeting of MEDIA Salles elected the Executive Committee for the next three-year term. The Executive Committee has then appointed Paolo Protti as President of the Association and confirmed Tero Koistinen as Vice President, Mike Vickers as Treasurer and Tibor Biro as Committee member.
A new Committee member, Géke Roelink, director of Filmhuis Den Haag and board member of NVB, the Dutch Exhibitors' Association, was also welcomed.

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MEDIA Salles
Founded in 1991, MEDIA Salles operates in the framework of the EU's Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme with the support of the Italian Government. The Association has always placed the promotion of European films through information and training specifically for cinema exhibitors at the centre of its mission.
In the field of information, MEDIA Salles provides statistics on trends in cinema-going for all European countries and the leading world markets. This service has been joined, over the past few years, by a census of Europe's digital cinemas and the elaboration of data and trends in digitalization internationally.
As regards training, in 2016 the thirteen edition was held of the only course offered by the MEDIA Programme to deal with the new technologies from the perspective of the movie theatres: "DigiTraining Plus: What do you do with digital now you've got it?" (Taormina, Italy - 29 June / 3 July 2016).
On the website the section DGT online informer is active and periodically updated and the European Cinema Yearbook can also be consulted ( In addition, MEDIA Salles' Facebook page provides professional players and all those interested with a time to market on the international distribution of Italian films, complete with dates and countries of release and other useful information.

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