Designed by Esko Heikkinen
Commissioned by Suomen Elokuvasäätiö / Finlands Filmstiftelse

The Finnish emblem for the Cinema Centenary has been designed by graphic designer Esko Heikkinen (b. 1960), creative director of the Young & Rubicam Finland Oy advertising agency and also a freeelance designer. He has won several Finnish competitions, and in 1993 designed the "Finland 75 Years" emblem.

Heikken has designated his centenary emblem "The Cinematic Era" and recounts his ideas as follows:

The cinematic Era: The Emblem melds the history of the cinema with the years of its existence. The interplay of light and shadow, negative and positive, bright and dark, is bounded by time, the never-ending, cyclical process of time. The emblem resembles a cine-projector spool, the winding of which is comparable to the passage of time. the typography accentuates the number of years that have passed. In this entry, the typography itself produces an image.

The text alone may be substituted for the emblem in some contexts.

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