Designed by Lasse Âberg
Commissioned by Svenska Filminstitutet - Stockholm

In December 1994 Lasse Âberg, Sweden's most popular comedy director and actor, who is also a prominent designer and artist, was asked to create the Centenary logo for Sweden. In January we got his ingenious result, and immediately accepted it.

His vision is quite unlike most of the Centenary logos I have seen so far. Most seem based on the digits One, Zero, Zero, as eyes, film reeels, cameras, etc. Lasse Âberg has made the obvious choice for our most youthful hundred-year-old, the Cinema - a birthday-cake!

It has been widely used and recognized as the Swedish national symbol for the centenary, by film festivals, TV-stations, the Swedish Post Office, etc.
It is also widespread on posters, t-shirts, pins, bags and baseball-caps.

(A note from Rickard Gramfors, the coordinator of the Cinema Centenary in Sweden for the Svenska Filminstitutet)

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The celebration started on January 30,at the annual award ceremony (The "Guldbagge" gala) for the best Swedish films from 1994. The jubilee continues through all of 1995 and 1996.

Svenska Filminstitutet (The Swedish Film Institute) is arranging a number of activities during the centenary, some on its own, and some in cooperation with the film industry and other cultural institutions.
A Swedish film museum is being planned.
A series of six stamps have been issued commemorating Swedish cinema.
A touring film train is planned for a tour of Sweden during 18 months: it comprises two exhibition cars and one cinema car.

The Swedish Film Institute and the Swedish film industry arranged the event "Den stora biodagen"(The big cinema day) on September 10 1995, when all of Sweden's population was invited to go to the cinemas all around the country at half price, from morning to late night, being offered a number of events,including screenings of a compilation film on Swedish cinema, called "Minns ni?" (Do you Remember?) in 200 Swedish cities.

A number of Swedish film festivals, big and small, are celebrating the centenary in different ways during 1995 and 1996. Many of our TV stations are realizing centenary themes, and a number of books and magazines are issued in connection with the celebration. ( Rickard Gramfors )

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