Designed by Vic Fair (CME.KHBB Advertising)
Commissioned by Cinema 100 * - London

Despite some 40 years as a graphic designer, working on the advertising and promotion of films, I still have a greate love for the cinema.

In the logo design for 100 years of cinema I have endeavoured to incorporate the fondness and affection I feel for the industry. Dressed I think in a little humor!

I hope I've succeeded!

(A note from Vic Fair - CME.KHBB Advertising- the designer of the UK logo)

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* Cinema 100 is the coordinating company which is supervising the centenary events in the UK.

  • Celebrations commence on the 20th February 1996, with a recreation of the first Lumière Show in London, which will use original equipment and films.
  • On 7th March 1996, there will be a celebration in Leicester Square (the heart of London's filmland) organised by the Film Industry.
  • At the end of April 1996, the UK will have its first "Cinema Days", similar to the French "Fête du Cinéma".
  • First Screening Projects will also be offered to the country.

Sunday 2nd June 1996
The BIGGEST Birthday Party ever!

All seats 1£ at cinemas everywhere
100 pences for 100 years

For further information and for receiving the calendar of events and current film releases please call free:

Talking Pages 0800 600 900
Cinema 100 - 10 Stephen Mews, London W1P OAX
Tel. +44 171 636 7214 - Fax +44 171 255 2315

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