General Information

Useful tips

- Helsinki’s sunrise, sunset and day length during the course:

Helsinki in June/July offers you almost 19 hours of light a day!

Wednesday, 29 June
Thursday, 30 June
Friday, 1 July
Saturday, 2 July
Sunday, 3 July
Sunrise 3.58
Sunrise 3.59
Sunrise 4.00
Sunrise 4.01
Sunrise 4.03
Sunset 22.49
Sunset 22.48
Sunset 22.48
Sunset 22.47
Sunset 22.46
18h 50m 26s
18h 48m 56s
18h 47m 16s
18h 45m 26s
18h 43m 26s

- Time in Helsinki: +2 GMT;
- Time in Talinn: +2 GMT;

- Electrical plugs in Finland need two round prongs. They can be the ungrounded Europlug Type C or the grounded Schukoplug Type E/F;

- Every meal organized by MEDIA Salles generally arranges for alternative vegetarian dishes to be available. Nevertheless, vegetarians are kindly requested to let us know before the start of the course;

- Finnish currency is the Euro.
- Estonian currency is the Euro.

Weather forecast – Helsinki

Weather forecast – Tallinn