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The Netherlands Film Fund
The Netherlands Film Fund is the national agency responsible for supporting film production in the Netherlands. It focuses on the quality and diversity of feature films, documentaries, shorts, animation and experimental films. The Fund's operations cover participation in development, production and distribution. Besides, it supports film activities such as film festivals, coproduction markets and individual training for film professionals. It is also responsible for promoting a good climate for the national film industry.
Cinema Digitaal
The EYE Film Institute Netherlands and the Associations of cinema exhibitors (NVB) and film distributors (NVF) established Cinema Digitaal, a not-for-profit organization, to perform a (cost)efficient and effective, nation-wide transition to igital cinema in the Netherlands by mid 2012.

The digitalisation process was completed in May 2012.

Cinema Digitaal is a coordinated approach in which the industry takes the lead. The government participates as a catalyst of the innovation process and contribute where is necessary to its funding. This approach saves time and money and is necessary to protect a diverse film offer and maintain a widespread exhibition circuit.
The EYE Film Institute

EYE Film Institute Netherlands, the Dutch centre for film culture and heritage, is dedicated to developing a film culture in the Netherlands. Through its activities and services, EYE aims to foster a viable film industry in the Netherlands and to promote Dutch film at home and abroad.


The Dutch Association of Cinema Exhibitors (NVB)

NVB is the professional association for all cinema operators and film exhibitors in the Netherlands.

The Dutch Film Distributors' Association (NVF)
The Dutch Film Distributors' Association (NVF) takes care of the interests of all of the Dutch movie distributors who are members of the association. The NVF is doing so by conferring with the Dutch Cinema Exhibitors' Association (NVB), government agencies and other institutions in the entertainment industry.

Other partners and supporters include:

Amstelfilm (NL)
Arts Alliance Media (UK)
MEDIA Desk Nederland

ANEC - Italy's National Exhibitors' Association
AG Kino - Germany's National Exhibitor's Association
CICAE - International Confederation of Art House Cinemas
EDCF - European Digital Cinema Forum
Cineserver (NL)
More2Screen (UK)