The course

The contents

  • Lectures by international experts on current issues such as standards, economic models, availability of alternative content and the future prospects of 3D;
  • Sharing of experiences on digital projection and programming;
  • Screenings, presentations and special events devoted to new developments in the technology and demos of digital contents;
  • Visits to cinemas equipped with digital installations;
  • Visits to institutions and organisations providing digital contents.

In 2013 DigiTraining Plus

takes a new name

New Technologies for the European Cinemas of the Future

and a new approach

In addition to the core contents:

  • how is digitization going to change the cinema industry?
  • digital and 3D screens: what’s the situation worldwide?
  • the key issues of digital transition: standards – business models – content availability
  • the prospects for 3D and alternative contents
  • how to make the digital transition as trouble-free as possible
  • how to manage and programme a digital cinema

Learn how to use digital technologies:

  • to offer a far wider range of products, services, cinema-going experiences
  • to increase accessibility
  • to achieve a more flexible and diverse programming
  • to enhance public engagement and interaction