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The Polish Film Institute
The Polish Film Institute is the newest one in Europe. It was established in 2005 and financed by distributors, exhibitors, broadcasters and cable television providers: 1.5% of their income goes, in fact, to the PFI.
Among the main activities of the PFI are support for the upkeep of film archives and film digitization, and support for cinemas and digital rollout in Polish cinemas.
The Institute's principal task is to provide the Polish film industry with a modern mechanism of support - from the development of film projects, through production, to promotion, distribution and circulation of Polish and European films. It supports films from concept to screening, with particular emphasis on international co-productions.

The Fundacja Rozwoju Kina
The Fundacja Rozwoju kina (Cinema Development Foundation), based in Cracow, has been funded in 2006, with the aim of supporting development of the cinema market, dissemination of the knowledge of the cinema and promoting new technologies.

Under the patronage of this organization, it has been possible to digitize the cinemas of the Malopolska region with the support of the European Regional Development Fund. These cinemas are now part of the Malopolska d-cinemas network, which counts currently 18 members. Due to high quality of digital equipment all members of network are technically suited to organize direct live event transmissions from all around the world.


Other partners and supporters include:


ANEC - Italy's National Exhibitors' Association
AG Kino - Germany's National Exhibitor's Association
CICAE - International Confederation of Art House Cinemas
EDCF - European Digital Cinema Forum