General Information

Useful tips

Poland time in the summer is two hours ahead of GMT;

Electrical plugs in Poland need two round prongs (type C or type E) .
The standard voltage is 220V.

Internet connection: free internet connection will be available in both the hotels that will host the course participants in Cracow and Warsaw.

Poland currency is the Zloty (PLN).
1 € is equivalent to about 4 PLN.
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It is possible to change money already in the luggage delivery area of Cracow Airport, using a machine. You can obtain, for instance, 200 PLN paying around 52 euro.
In the arrival lounge you'll find other machines and exchange offices attended by personnel.

Temperatures may vary quite a lot from a day to another. Before travelling to the course, please check the weather forecast for both Cracow and Warsaw.
Weather forecast - Cracow
Weather forecast - Warsaw


- Every meal organized by MEDIA Salles generally arranges for alternative vegetarian dishes to be available. Nevertheless, vegetarians are kindly requested to let us know before the start of the course