Name of cinema    PALACE MOM PARK
Address    Alkotas út 53
 H-1125 Budapest
Date of foundation    March 2002
Name of exhibiting company    Will be changed to Palace Cinemas (Hungary  Entertainment) kft.
Number of screens    9
Number of seats    2,467
Number of tickets sold in last year (2003)    409,419
Type of projector  Film: 9 Kinoton 35 mm projectors and 1  Barco D-Cinestar Texas Instruments Digital  Light Projectors (DLP) with Avica server
Number of staff    40
Concessions stands  Own                    
 Type: bar and other
Day closed    None
Screening times  Weekly 14.00–24.00 and weekends 12.00- 1.00
Days of special programming    Wednesday is “low price ticket” day
Programming for young people or schools and period in which it takes place  As necessary and Palace Mini Club monthly  for younger audience and school visits with “tour guide“
Other events, apart from cinema & time devoted to these  Film-related premieres and special programming.
 Alternative content through DLP includes  concerts, sports, DVD on an ad hoc basis.  The site also hosts a number of non-film  events due to its size.
Prices  Adults: 1,090 HUF (4.4 EU)
 Children: 890 HUF (3.6 EU)
 Seniors: 890 HUF (3.6 EU)
 Student: 890 HUF (3.6 EU)
 Disabledd: 890 HUF(3.6 EU)
Types of price reductions    See above for children, seniors, students and the disabled.
Types of promotional offers    Palace Studio features smaller films and DVD presentations for HUF 650 (2.6 EU)
Fidelity card    None
Advance booking of ticket possible?    Yes, by telephone and Internet
Booking of seats possible?    No payments
Internet ticket purchase possible?    Reservations only