Name of cinema  Müvész
Address  Teréz krt 30 H-1063 Budapest
Date of foundation  After total renovation: October 1989
Name of exhibiting company  Budapest Film
Number of screens  5 (names: Chaplin, Bunuel, Tarkovszkij, Huszárik, Bódy)
Number of seats  421
Number of tickets sold in last year (2003  231,000
Type of projector  MEOPTA (czech)
Number of staff  19
Concessions stands Rented
Type: tea, refreshments (no pop-corn)
Day closed  None
Screening times  14.00–24.00
Days of special programming  None
Programming for young people or schools and period in which it takes place  Programming is totally original. School-groups come occasionally and fluantly.
Other events, apart from cinema & time devoted to these  Filmweeks, alternative films. (Mainly European, national films and independents)
Price of ticket  780-880 HUF (3,1–3,5 EU)
Types of price reductions  20-30-50% for young people and students
Types of promotional offers  State promotion (Motion Picture Foundation and)
Fidelity card  Müvész card: 30% discount
Advance booking of ticket possible?  For 1 week (by phone or personally)