MEDIA Salles training courses for European Cinema Exhibitors: "European Cinema Exhibition: A New Approach"

The purpose of the course is to provide the participants with a deep and sound knowledge of the major phenomena characterising the cinema exhibition sector, such as vertical integration, concentration, the multiplex development, the modification of the cinema-going habits. The seminar aims at giving the opportunity to the European cinema exhibitors be trained, updated and orientated toward a highly networked cinema profession, endowed with more confident marketing skills in order to improve and upgrade their European cinema consciousness and transmit a better one into their audience.

Using the cross-section of training classes given by both academic and professional figures in the audio-visual field and group-working/brainstorming moments among the participants, the seminar will try to re-think and re-formulate an activity (cinema exhibition) which is actually the back-end of the film industry as a whole.


  • Course participation fee: 175.
  • Travel costs at the participants' expense.
  • English will be the language used for all course work and documentation. Lectures in Rome will be delivered an Italian / English translation.
  • Deadline: applications and requested papers must be sent by post by 30/4/2003 for the Ebeltoft course, by 15/07/2003 for the Rome course. We invite you to anticipate them by fax or e-mail.



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