"European Cinema Exhibition: A New Approach"
Budapest, Hungary
22-26 September 2004


Milan, 21 September 2004


Tomorrow Budapest sees the start of the 2004 edition of "European Cinema Exhibition: A New Approach", the now firmly established training initiative for cinema exhibitors, specifically devoted to theatre management and marketing. Promoted by MEDIA Salles with the support of the EU's MEDIA Programme and the Italian Government, the course is organised in collaboration with the European Film College, Db (the Danish exhibitors' association), Mozisok Országos Szóvetsege (the Hungarian exhibitors' association), Magyar Filmunió and the Italian Institute of Culture of Budapest with the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Cultural Heritage.
The course, which terminates on 26 September, will be held at the European Youth Centre, a Council of Europe structure which hosts events of international importance. "Born and raised" in Denmark, this training initiative, which, with the Rome edition, began travelling Europe last year, in Budapest again offers a programme of international scope, which aims to compare and share best practice in the fields of theatre management and marketing.
"This comparison", states Costas Daskalakis, Head of the European Union's MEDIA Programme, in his message delivered to MEDIA Salles on the occasion of the course, "is all the more important in a sector like cinema exhibition, where cultural content and business aspects exist side by side".
Thanks to the collaboration of the Italian Cultural Institute of Budapest, this evening, on the eve of the course promoted by MEDIA Salles, professionals from Budapest in the field of audiovisuals, as well as the participants at "European Cinema Exhibition: A New Approach" are invited to attend a special event. To inaugurate the Hungarian capital's new season devoted to Italian cinema, the Institute offers a screening of the film Christmas Present by Pupi Avati in its prestigious headquarters, to be followed by a reception offered by MEDIA Salles.

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