MEDIA Salles training courses for European Cinema Exhibitors: "European Cinema Exhibition: A New Approach"

List of contents

1. Introduction and Speeches by Mads Egmont Christensen, Julian Stanford, Michael Berg

2. Speeches by Emanuele Gianluca de Plano, Ole E. Andersen, Jimmy Bredow and Louise Hagemann, Marc Tijssens, Meinolf Thies, Paul Brett; Essays on Austria (by Victor Billek) and on the Czech Republic (by David Horacek)

3. Essays on Denmark (by Mette Schramm), on Hungary (by Tibor Biro), on Italy (by Alessandra Fantoni and Rita Stella), on Latvia (by Harijs Upenieks and Gunta Lazdane), on Norway (by Heidi Aagaard), on Poland (by Pawel Wachnik), on Slovenia (by Bojan Vivod), on Spain (by Alex Jimenez), on Switzerland
(by Hanspeter Sigg), on the UK (by Michael Vickers, Blake Smith, Sylvianne Smith, Paul Homer and Paul Brett);
Presentation of the MEDIA Salles' "European Cinema Yearbook";
Programme of the course;
List of participants.



2002 edition

5-9 June 2002
European Film College
Ebeltoft, Denmark


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