The White Book of the European Exhibition Industry was commissioned by MEDIA Salles, an initiative of the MEDIA Programme of the European Union with the support of the Italian Government, and prepared by London Economics and BIPE Conseil.
MEDIA Salles Cinema d'Europa
MEDIA Salles Cinema d'Europa was set up by the MEDIA Programme at the beginning of 1992 to encourage cinema exhibition in Europe. It aims to promote the cinema as a service to local communities, and as a major means to disseminate film as well as a means to promulgate European films. Members of MEDIA Salles are the national and international associations representing the professionals of cinema exhibition in Europe. A full list of members is given at the end of each Volume of the White Book.
The main areas of MEDIA Salles' activities are in Promotion, Information and Training.
The White Book of the European Exhibition Industry is part of MEDIA Salles' information activity that began in 1992 with the publication of the European Cinema Yearbook, the most exhaustive collection ever available of essential information on the exhibition sector in Europe.
The European Cinema Yearbook filled an information gap on the overall pattern of cinema exhibition in Europe, which was found to be one of the causes for the often mistaken assessment of the economic and social role played by the over 19,000 screens that constitute the European cinema system.
It provides about 30 different types of information on each of the 19 West European countries examined: the 12 EU countries together with Austria, Finland, Hungary, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.
Alongside figures on attendance, box office, average ticket price, the number and density of screens, the European Cinema Yearbook provides further information on such aspects as technical levels of screenings or taxation policies in the various countries, which give an accurate overview of the relative states of the cinema industry in general and exhibition in particular.
The European Cinema Yearbook, which covers statistics since 1989, is published yearly and is distributed to professional operators, press sources and public institutions.
Based on the quantitative data contained in the European Cinema Yearbook and on information collected on the field, the White Book of the European Exhibition Industry takes up where the Yearbook left off. Providing an in-depth analysis of cinema exhibition in Europe, the White Book highlights phenomena affecting the sector and outlines perspectives in years to come.
Members of the MEDIA Salles Research Committee involved with the production of the White Book of the European Exhibition Industry are:        
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London Economics
Established in 1986, London Economics is Britain's leading independent economic consultancy. Its activities span the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Alongside extensive work in the organisation of utilities including energy policy, its portfolio embraces health, environment, media, competition policy and regulation. London Economics also provides macroeconomic advice. Its clients include international and government agencies, private and public corporations. It has played a key role in water and energy privatisation and regulation in the UK and internationally.
Its work in the media sector includes extensive studies for the MEDIA Business School and other parts of the MEDIA Programme, research into employment in the film and television industries, into the supply of television programmes and the emergence of the television production market. It is involved in competition and regulation questions affecting the film, television and music industries. Work in telecommunications in Europe and the United States completes the media portfolio.
London Economics brings together a team of 55 full-time staff covering the full range of economic techniques as well as numerous industry specialists. Its academic associates include many of the UK's leading economists. Senior management have backgrounds in industry, public policy, trade, finance and international agencies.
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Since 1958, BIPE Conseil is one of the leading European research and consulting groups. The 80 consultants at BIPE Conseil offer consulting and studies in various sectors: industry, telecommunications, environment, and also in cross sector specialisation, such as local development and human resources.
In the communication sector, BIPE Conseil is, in France, the close partner of decision makers of the sector. The Communication Team developed analysis and forecasting for the French Government and strategy consulting for TV-broadcasters, producers, cable-operators, financiers, etc.
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