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Milan, 10 December 2004

Dear friends,

we are happy to inform you that MEDIA Salles – an initiative of the European Union’s MEDIA Programme with the support of the Italian Government – will present the

“European Cinema Yearbook – 2004 advance edition”
on 14 December, at 5 pm,
at the Hotel Parco dei Principi,
Via G. Frescobaldi, 5 - 00198 Rome (Italy),
during the Anec-Anem-Unidim professional Meeting.

This year the Yearbook has extended its report on cinema-going in the 1989-2003 period to 33 countries, thanks to the recent addition of Malta. The section on world markets has been developed to include 9 territories: the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia, New Zealand and Israel.
The analysis of the situation in Central-Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Rim is now more detailed thanks to the inclusion of new tables which outline, for example, the percentage variation in admissions and that of gross box office, as well as concentration in exhibition and distribution.
In addition, the Yearbook is completed by a section specifically devoted to the multiplexes operating in Europe on 1st January 2004, which now includes, amongst its new elements, complexes with at least 8 screens operating in Russia, and a section on digital cinema worldwide, updated as at June 2004.

From the MEDIA Salles’ Yearbook, it can be seen that in 2003 the 18 territories analysed in Western Europe experience a 5.2% drop in admissions, whilst screen numbers continue to rise (+2.2%), reaching 27,000.
Eastern and Central Europe and the Mediterranean Rim also suffer a decrease in admissions, although less severe (-3.9%). Of the 15 countries examined in this area, seven see their audiences increase, and to a considerable degree, whilst eight record decreases, some of which are extreme.

A preview of the new Yearbook will be distributed to those who take part in the “European Film Awards” 2004 prize-giving ceremony, to be held in Barcelona on the evening of 11 December.

The cd rom version of the Yearbook has been produced with the support of ATR – Aria Termo Rappresentanze, a company operating in the field of air conditioning, which is the branch of Thereco for Italy and Eastern Europe.

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