The MEDIA Salles Cinema d’Europa project, set up under the auspices of the European Union’s 1991 – 1995 MEDIA Programme, with the support of the Italian Government, addresses cinema exhibition throughout Europe, as well as the international promotion of European films. Its final aim is the promotion of cinemas as services for the local community, as the preferred places for viewing films and as means for circulating works of European origin. MEDIA Salles’ members are the national and international associations representing cinema exhibitors in Europe. The work carried out by MEDIA Salles under the MEDIA Plus Programme occurs in three main areas – training, information and promotion – which complement one another.

Cinema exhibition: training
MEDIA Salles has created training courses specifically addressing exhibitors, with the aim of providing the tools needed for dealing with the most important phenomena characterizing the cinema industry in these times of important change.  In particular, since 2004 MEDIA Salles has been offering professional players in Europe constant updates on the advance of digital projection in our continent by means of the course “DigiTraining Plus: European Cinemas Experiencing New Technologies”, which is to be held in the United Kingdom in 2008, from 9 to 13 April, following the four editions that took place in Belgium at the headquarters of Barco, the most important European producers of digital projectors.  Barco have been collaborating with MEDIA Salles ever since the start of the initiative. In conceiving and setting up Digi-Training Plus, MEDIA Salles have taken as their basis the experience acquired from training European exhibitors in theatre management and marketing, as well as from the promotion of European films through the course “European Cinema Exhibition: A New Approach”.  Set up in collaboration with EFC – European Film College – and DB – Danske Biografer, after an experimental phase and two editions held in Ebeltoft (DK) in 2002 and 2003, the course was extended in 2003 to include the itinerant format which, after Rome (I), was held in Budapest (HU) in 2004.

The cinema industry worldwide: information
MEDIA Salles offers a service providing information on European cinema that is unique of its kind and can be accessed by companies and professional players throughout the world. The “European Cinema Yearbook” collects the results of the yearly survey on the audiovisual industry in European countries both inside and outside the European Union, recording the main trends throughout the continent, by means of over 40 statistical indicators. Published for the first time in 1992, the “European Cinema Yearbook” has become the reference point for gaining knowledge of the audiovisual industry. The most recent edition, which is the sixteenth, provides data on cinema-going in 34 countries of Western, Eastern and Central Europe and the Mediterranean Rim, by means of numerous comparative tables relating to the 1989-2006 period. The Yearbook can be accessed directly over the Internet at the MEDIA Salles website This tool is integrated by the Newsletter “European Cinema Journal”, also present online and published specially for the promotional events organized by MEDIA Salles, and the “Cinema Research Library”, an on-line collection of essays and articles on topics such as: cinema exhibition in Europe, multiplexes, the dissemination of European cinema in America, the history of cinema exhibition, the advent of new technologies for the promotion of films and theatrical distribution, young audiences. The “DGT online informer” is the most recent information service. This agile electronic Newsletter, launched in 2006 and available on the MEDIA Salles’ website, provides, by means of interviews and brief articles, a periodical update on new developments and novelties to come in the field of digital projection.

Promotion of European films: the Focus on Europe events and the Italian Cinema Worldwide initiative
MEDIA Salles is committed to the promotion of European films through work specifically addressing all those involved in the fields of exhibition and distribution. Thanks to the series of Focus on Europe events, the Association created, in 1996, a launching pad for European audiovisual products at the most important professional gatherings worldwide, both in Europe and the United States. The programme offered by MEDIA Salles envisages round-tables, pre-screenings of films and trailers, the distribution of promotional material and on-line information, in order to increase the opportunities for the worldwide circulation of new European films. In 2001 a “special version” of the Focus on Europe events has been introduced, entitled “Kidflix Special” with the collaboration of International Festivals devoted to children’s films, such as the ones held at “Castellinaria” (Bellinzona - Switzerland), the “Giffoni Film Festival” (Giffoni, Salerno - Italy), the “International Film Festival for Children and Youth” of Zlín (Zlín - Czech Republic) and “BUFF - the International Children’s and young People’s Film Festival” (Malmö - Sweden). This work on the promotion of European films specifically addresses exhibitors throughout Europe who offer special programming for children and schools. In 2006, MEDIA Salles run Focus on Europe online on the occasion of Cinema Expo International (Amsterdam). This tool, available on the MEDIA Salles’ website, contributes towards raising the visibility of European films, offering, in particular, a calendar of Italian and European film releases throughout the world.
In 2005, thanks to the support of the Italian Government, MEDIA Salles also ran Italian Cinema Worldwide, a completely new initiative aiming to place the latest Italian productions in the limelight at the main international meetings with cinema exhibitors, such as:

- Cinema Expo International for the Western European market;
- Kino Expo for those operating on the CIS and neighbouring markets;
- ShowEast for the market in the Americas;
- CineAsia for the Far East and the Pacific Rim.

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