Foreword by Jens Rykær




Dear readers,

Every business needs to have a clear and reliable idea of what is going on in the “neighbourhood”. Not only next door but also out there in the whole wide world. It has to do with trends, legislation, financial opportunities, new technology and special services. If you do not know what is happening on a large scale, chances are you miss the train.

For many years it has been MEDIA Salles’ pride and privilege to collect and supply the cinema industry with facts and figures from all European countries and the major marketplaces around the world. It is by reading statistics you get imperative knowledge on exactly how the machine is running. Away with “I think”, “I believe” and “It’s my impression”. MEDIA Salles’ “European Cinema Yearbook” brings in “I know” and “It’s a fact”. Having spent time with statistics is useful when new proposals, compromises and settlements are to be negotiated. It is like having done your homework. Facts are hard to deny, therefore facts are the building stones for any cultural and economic initiative. From art-house support and VAT on cinema tickets to film rent and implementation of digital technology.

For cinema owners the latter phenomenon is currently overshadowing all other business problems worldwide. Who invests in what, when and how? It is not that easy to track down all these goings on everywhere, but MEDIA Salles sees it as imperative for future investors to tell the stories as accurately as possible. It’s the only way to build a solid argument when looking for investors.

Jens Rykær
President of MEDIA Salles