Foreword by Jens Rykær




Dear readers,

when the MEDIA Programme moved its first few steps, twenty years ago, what immediately became clear was the importance of devoting a specific project to cinema exhibitors, in order to provide them – the essential link in the industry’s chain - with as many tools as possible for succeeding in their work, so essential for the vitality of the industry and, at the same time, for the circulation of European films. This is why, on 16 October 1991, MEDIA Salles came into being, and has, ever since, had the honour of working for and with the exhibitors and supporting them with a wealth of information and opportunities for training.
The first enterprise to be achieved was the European Cinema Yearbook: an innovative and ambitious project that MEDIA Salles has carried forward over the years and, in order to deal with cuts in economic resources, entirely re-designed, turning a limit into a great opportunity: that of offering experts in the field a product that is even easier to consult and use, thanks to the digitalization of its entire content.
Thus, for twenty years, MEDIA Salles has been providing market intelligence tools essential for all the sector’s professional players, monitoring the trend in cinema-going in European countries and on the leading world markets and recording developments in the field of digital screening all over the world.
In addition, in order to make the circulation of information even more rapid and effective on a constantly evolving market, we have explored the potential of the Social Network, setting up a Facebook page on which professional players – with a potential opening to audiences themselves – can be offered a time-to-market of Italian films distributed internationally, updated with dates and countries of release, along with other useful news.
Alongside all this, MEDIA Salles has offered training which, in the last few years, has been concentrated on developments in digital projection, always from an international perspective and with special attention to critical points, winning models of development and best practices. Because the market is on the move and understanding the ways it is developing, the opportunities and risks involved is a greater need than ever. It is what we have been committed to doing for twenty years now, thanks to the MEDIA Programme and the support of the Italian Government.

Jens Rykær
President of MEDIA Salles