Methodological remarks and tools

After the Berlin Film Festival, MEDIA Salles has published more updated statistics on cinema-going in Europe in the European Cinema Yearbook 2016

Cinema-going in Europe in 2015

In 2015 more spectators (+5.6%) in Europe's cinemas, while digitization reaches 95% of screens

Comparative Tables

Western Europe

Central and Eastern Europe and Mediterranean Rim


Gross box office revenues

Gross box office revenues - National currency

Number of screens

Number of cinemas

Number of inhabitants per screen

Density of screens in multiplexes


Admissions per screen

Annual frequency per capita

Average ticket prices

Average ticket prices - national currency

Cinema expenditure per capita

Territorial concentration of admissions and box office receipts in 2015

Percentage of admissions of domestic films

Digital Cinemas Worldwide

Digital Cinemas: Focus on Europe