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FOCUS ON EUROPE - Kidflix Special - Speciale ragazzi






Milan, 5 June 2004


This year's "Focus on Europe - Kidlfix Special" has been specially organised to allow European exhibitors the chance of participating in the most significant moments of the Zlín Festival, such as the grand closing ceremony, broadcast live yesterday on Czech television.
And this was the occasion on which Jens Rykaer, Vice-President of MEDIA Salles, presented the "Euro Kids" 2004 awards.
In the "films" section, the award went to the German film Die Blindgänger by Bernd Sahling, for successfully conveying an aspect of European cinema culture, for its appeal to an international audience and for its portrayal of the day-to-day problems of adolescents.
The first prize for cinemas was awarded to the Sala Don Bosco of Genova (Italy), for the wide range of activities offered to children and for its attention to the cultural significance of the cinema. The second prize went to the multi-screen cinema Kristiansand Kino of Kristiansand (Norway), for the great care taken to involve young audiences, particularly through the organisation of a festival boasting one of the most significant traditions in Europe. The Cinema Paradiso of St. Pölten (Austria), winner of the third prize, has distinguished itself in terms of its close attention to communication with young people and the variety of initiatives offered them, which have included the opportunity of using a film camera to make their own film: another way of attracting young audiences to the cinema.

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