Focus on Europe
at ShowEast 1998 - Atlantic City, 19-22 October 1998

The fifth Focus on Europe event took place in Atlantic City. For the second time, the event was held within the context of ShowEast, the convention that every year gathers over 2 500 professionals, representing the cinema exhibition and distribution market from the US East Coast.
ShowEast features two main sections: the screening of films to be released in the US and the "Trade Show", where, at over 300 stands, state-of-the-art technical equipment, cinema machinery and theatrical ancillary services are displayed.
MEDIA Salles' stand at ShowEast 1998 hosted most of the initiatives that make up the "Focus on Europe" programme:

While offering big screen showings, introducing a large number of European films soon to be released on the US market, including Claude Chabrol's "Rien ne va plus" (distributed by New Yorker Films), Katja von Garnier's "Bandits" (distributed by Stratosphere Entertainment), Kirk Jones's "Waking Ned Devine" (distributed by Fox Searchlight Pictures), Pat O'Connor's "Dancing at Lughnasa" (distributed by Sony Pictures Classics), Paul Greengrass's "The Theory of Flight" (distributed by Fine Line Features), MEDIA Salles gave awards for international achievement in exhibition and distribution to Angelica Film Center LLC and to Fox Searchlight Pictures respectively.
"Coming from the film buying side of the business, I know what a great value ShowEast has been to
the exhibitors and distributors. ShowEast is not only a place to screen blockbusters,
it has become the place to screen quality films that havenít your established a "buzz". 
As one major distributor put it, ShowEast provides a wonderful opportunity 
to create great word of mouth forsome smaller films."
Shauna King, General Chairperson of ShowEast Ď98
  * * * * *

Big Screen Showings of European Films
With the promotional support of MEDIA Salles, ShowEast 1998 hosted five European films soon in release on the US market.
New Yorker Films presents:
"Rien ne va plus" (The Swindle) by Claude Chabrol
Release date: Jan. 1999
Stratosphere Entertainment presents:
"Bandits" by Katja von Garnier
Release date: 1st Qu. 1999
Fox Searchlight Pictures presents:
"Waking Ned Devine" by Kirk Jones
Release date: 6 Nov. 1998
Sony Pictures Classics presents:
"Dancing at Lughnasa" by Pat O'Connor
Release date: 13 Nov. 1998
Fine Line Features presents:
"The Theory of Flight" by Paul Greengrass
Release date: 25 Nov. 1998
European Films presented at MEDIA Salles stand
Trailers - catalogues - fliers - posters
and information available on the "European Cinema On-line Database"
Adriana Chiesa Enterprises Srl (Italy)
Per tutto il tempo che ci resta (Acts of justice) by Vincenzo Terracciano
I corti italiani (The Italian Shorts) by Gillo Pontecorvo, Simona Izzo, Ricky Tognazzi, Mario Monicelli, Ettore Scola
Il fantasma dellíopera (The phantom of the opera) by Dario Argento
Tutti giù per terra (We all fall down) by Davide Ferrario
Frigidaire by Giorgio Fabris
In barca a vela contro mano (Physical Jerks) by Stefano Reali
Tano da morire (Tano to die for) by Roberta Torre
Il macellaio (The Butcher) by Aurelio Grimaldi
Tre uomini e una gamba (Three men and a leg) by Aldo, Giovanni, Giacomo and Massimo Venier
Un inverno freddo freddo (Shampoo girls) by Roberto Ciampanelli

Anica (Italy)
L'albero delle pere by Francesca Archibugi
I giardini dell'Eden by Alessandro D'Alatri
I piccoli maestri by Daniele Luchetti
Così ridevano by Gianni Amelio
Tu ridi by Vittorio Taviani; Paolo Taviani
Incontri proibiti by Alberto Sordi
Del perduto amore by Michele Placido
La ballata dei lavavetri by Peter Del Monte
Radio freccia by Luciano Ligabue
La gabbianella e il gatto by Enzo D'Alò
Viol@ by Donatella Maiorca
Vite in sospeso by Marco Turco
Ospiti by Matteo Garrone
La seconda moglie by Ugo Chiti
L'anniversario by Mario Orfini
Onorevoli detenuti by Giancarlo Planta
L'odore della notte by Claudio Caligari
I figli di Annibale (Hannibalís children) by Davide Ferrario
Elvjs & Merilijn by Armando Manni
Consigli per gli acquisti (Commercial break) by Sandro Baldoni
Il figlio di Bakunin (Bakunìn's son) by Gianfranco Cabiddu
Il Caricatore (The Reel) by Eugenio Cappuccio, Massimo Gaudioso, Fabio Nunziata
La buena estrella by Ricardo Franco
Le acrobate (The acrobats) by Silvio Soldini
Le mani forti (Grey zone) by Franco Bernini
Compromesso d'amore (Love deal) by Santiago San Miguel
Monella (Frivolous Lola) by Tinto Brass
La Lupa (She-Wolf) by Gabriele Lavia
Palermo-Milano solo andata (During young) by Claudio Fragasso
Romanzo di un giovane povero (The story of a poor young man) by Ettore Scola
Celluloide (Celluloid) by Carlo Lizzani
Cucciolo by Neri Parenti
Coppia omicida (The Killer Couple) by Claudio Fragasso
Facciamo fiesta (Letís Fiesta) by Angelo Longoni
Femmina by Giuseppe Ferlito
Viola bacia tutti (Viola kisses everybody) by Giovanni Veronesi
I miei più cari amici (My dearest friends) by Alessandro Benvenuti
La vita è bella (Life is Beautiful) by Roberto Benigni
Rumbera by Piero Vivarelli
Lo strano caso del Signor Kappa (The strange case of Mr. K) by Fabrizio Lori
Con rabbia con amore by Alfredo Angeli
Moebius by Gustavo Mosquera
Bajo Bandera (Order over Justice) by Jan Josè Jusid
Il più lungo giorno (The longest day) by Roberto Riviello
Polvere di Napoli by Antonio Capuano
Le faremo tanto male by Pino Quartullo
Teatro di guerra (Rehearsals for war) by Mario Martone
La parola amore esiste (Notes of love) by Mimmo Calopresti
Aprile by Nanni Moretti
Grazie di tutto (Thanks for everything) by Luca Manfredi
Laura non cíè by Antonio Bonifacio
Odio e tíamo by Maurizio Anania
Giochi di equilibrio by Amedeo Fago
Frigidaire by Giorgio Fabris
Tano da morire (Tano to die for) by Roberta Torre
In barca a vela contro mano (Physical Jerks) by Stefano Reali
Il macellaio (The butcher) by Aurelio Grimaldi
Catalogues of the Italian production 1996/1997
BFI Ė British Film Institute Films (UK)
Under the Skin by Carine Adler
Sixth Happiness by Waris Hussein
Stella does tricks by Coky Giedroyc
Love is the Devil by John Maybury
Brussels Ave (Belgium)
Lisa by Jan Keymeulen
La guerre de Gaston (Gastonís war) by Robbie de Hert
Catalan Films & TV
Catalogues of the Catalan films 1997/1998
Celluloid Dreams (France)
Sitcom by François Ozon
Tokyo Eyes by Jeanne-Pierre Limosin
The land of the deaf by Valery Todorovsky
Tueur à gages (Killer) by Darezhan Omirbaev
The Hole by Tsai Ming-Liang
Life on earth (La vie sur terre) by Abderrhamane Sissako
Christa Saredi (Switzerland)
Festen (The Celebration) (Dogme 1) by Thomas Vinterberg
Teatro di guerra (Rehearsals for War) by Mario Martone
Gordel van Smaragd (Tropic of Emerald) by Orlow Seunke
Flanders Image (Belgium)
La Sicilia by Luc Pien
Greek Film Centre (Greece)
Itís a long road by Pantelis Voulgaris
My Brother and I by Antonis Kokkinos
Desert Sky by Nikos Kornilios
Dharma Blues by Andreas Thomopoulos
Balkanisateur by Sotoris Goritsas
Vassiliki by Vangelis Serdaris
The Bachelor by Nikos Panayotopoulos
Eugene, identity unknown by Kostas Zyrinis
No sympathy for the devil by Dimitris Athanitis
The man in gray by Pericles Hoursoglou
Mirupafhim by Christos Voupouras and George Korras
Say you love me by Kostoula Tomadaki
Pater familias by Nikos Perakis
Nights gambled away by Angeliki Antoniou
The golden apples of the hesperides by Sofia Papachristou
Holland Film (Netherlands)
All stars by Jean van de Velde
Left luggage by Jeroen Krabbé
Gordel van Smaragd (Tropic of Emerald) by Orlow Seunke
Karakter (Character) by Mike van Diem
De Poolse Bruid (The Polish Bride) by Karim Traïdia
Waar Blijft het Licht? (When the light comes) by Stijn Coninx
Kevin Williams Associates (Spain)
Agujetas en el alma (Stitches In The Soul) by Fernando Merinero
Aire libre (Out In the Open) by Luisa De La Ville; Luis Armando Roche
Casting by Fernando Merinero
Carícies (Caresses) by Ventura Pons
Dame algo (Give me something) by Héctor Carrè
Esperanza & sardinas (Espoir et sardines) by Roberto Romeo
Hazlo por mì (Do it for me) by Ángel Fernàndez Santos
Hotel Room by Cesc Gay and Daniel Gimelberg
La fabulosa historia de Diego Marìn (The amazing adventure of Diego Marìn) by Fidel Cordero
Màtame mucho (Kill me over and over) by José Ángel Bohollo
Suerte (Luck) by Ernesto Tellerìa
Todo esta oscuro (Everything is dark) by Ana Díez
Tren de sombras (Train of shadows) by José Luis Guerìn
El porque de tot plegat (What it's all about) by Ventura Pons
Le Studio Canal + (France)
Aprile by Nanni Moretti
Jeanne et le garçon formidable (Jeanne and the perfect guy) by Jacques Martineau and Olivier Ducastel
Serial lover by James Huth
Paparazzi by Alain Berbèrian
Kanzo Sensei by Shoei Imamura
Vive la mariée et la libération du Kurdistan (Kebab Connection) by Hiner Saleem
Greve party by Fabien Oteniente
The Lost Son by Chris Menges
Ma Jolie Maison (Belgium)
Le bal masqué (Out of Range) by Julien Vrebos
Nordisk Film International Sales (Denmark)
Lysets hjerte (Heart of light) by Jacob Grønlykke
Salige er de som tørster (Blessed are those who thirst) by Carl Jørgen Kiønig
Tic Tac by Daniel Alfredson
Mørkets øy (Isle of Darkness) by Trygve Allister Diesen
Tulennielijä (Fire Eater) by Pirjo Honkasalo
Underbara kvinnor vid vatten (Amazing Women by the Sea) by Claes Olsson
Under Ytan (Beneath the Surface) by Daniel Fridell
Lilla Jönsson-ligan på styva linan (Young Jönsson Gang Showing Off) by Christjan Wegner
Når mor kommer hjem (On Our Own) by Lone Scherfig
Poli Plio Films (Greece)
Tris Epoches (Three seasons) by Maria Iliou
Trust Film Sales (DK)
Riget II (The Kingdom II) by Lars von Trier
Idioterne (The idiots) by Lars von Trier
Secten (Credo) by Susanne Bier
I wonder whoís kissing you now? by Henning Carlsen
H. C. Andersen og den skæve skygge (Hans Christian Andersen and the long shadow) by Jannik Hastrup