Romy Gysin, Cinema manager, Kult.kino, Basel


The section EXPERTS' CORNER is giving voice to the people who have already been working with added content for some time now, gaining first-hand experience in the field which MEDIA SALLES think is worth sharing internationally.

23 Decvember 2019

- What type of audience do you target with added content?

Our first target is not to draw a certain type of audience, but to integrate an art-house cinema programme with added content focussing on a wide range of artistic expression... In times of digitization it is possible to cross borders from movies to other arts, so we offer an art-loving audience special events like operas, art exhibitions or a documentary series based on Basel theatre productions. This means the audience consists of a cross-section of art-house cinemagoers, though in general of course the public for these kinds of events is older and more experienced.

- We know that you offer a variety of added content: what is the most successful type (opera, ballet, theatre, popular music, art documentaries etc)?

Our longest experience is in the field of opera: we have been offering the latter since 2012, both live and recorded. Admissions range from 10 to 170 per screening, so it covers a large spectrum. Exhibitions of paintings meet with considerable interest in an art town like Basel, so we have reasonable success with films in this field.

- Is the ticket price for added content higher than the ticket price for films?

The only, slight increase in price is for opera, whilst normal prices apply to all other screenings.

- Which was the most successful screening in 2018/2019? (it would be interesting for us to know what you programmed in 2017-2018 and what you will programme in 2020).

In 2019 the most important and successful event was Tosca, in a production by the Zurich Opernhaus. A total of nine events was offered, as in 2017, and six in 2018.

We usually draw up an opera-programme over several months, mostly twice a year. We print flyers and advertise it on our website. This year we decided to offer only recorded operas, which means that we can programme them in a successful, regular slot on Sunday mornings. Since most of the operas are long, we include a coffee interval. The audience is quite stable and likes to know what is coming next.

The “Exhibition on Screen” series of films will be shown several times in a month, mostly on weekends, some also in the early evenings. We try to start with special events and Q&As with experts.

- Do you believe the Swiss market for added content/event cinema will develop in the near future?

Everything that is fascinating to show an interested and curious audience is worth making an effort to bring to the screen. So it is important to keep a questioning and open mind towards any content that suits our goal.

- Can you imagine initiatives that could give more visibility to added content/event cinema in Switzerland (professional conferences for cinema exhibitors/distributors, presentations of show-reels/trailers, informal gatherings etc.)?

The products are here and the public is here but we need to connect, which often means a lot of work, so I don't think it's the professionals who need more visibility but the public that needs more information.