Admissions of domestic films (including co-productions) in Europe in 2020 (thousands)
and their percentage out of total admissions

Click on the map and, where available, you will obtain the titles of the top films in each country

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D: Figures provided by the distributors (according to which total admissions amount to 122 182 872 in 2016, 118 574 842 in 2017, 104 715 548 in 2018, 115 678 119 in 2019 and 38 013 578 in 2020).
I: Cinetel data (3 667 screens).
IRL and UK: Estimates based on GBO and average ticket price.
UK films: films wholly or partly financed and controlled by a US studio, but featuring UK cast, crew, locations, facilities, post-production and often UK source material as well as UK independent films.
PL: New releases.
UA: Percentage of gross box office.