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Original Title



Vincent Bal



Country of origin

The Netherlands

Language spoken


other languages available German, English and Spanish

Year of production




Box Office

€ 4,500,000


Bos Bros.
Michiel de Rooij +31 35 6255777 (producer)

Domestic distribution Warner Bros.

Domestic release



List of Distributors

Release date



6 December 2001

The Netherlands

Warner Bros

April 2002


Warner Bros

Summer 2002

German speaking countries


Spring 2003


Folkets Bio


Tibbe, junior journalist at the local newspaper The Killendoorn Times, is about to be fired. He is, in fact, too shy to be a good journalist, but the editor-in-chief is prepared to give him one more chance.

While Tibbe racks his brains to find a subject for a good story, he meets the extraordinary Miss Minoes. She claims she used to be a cat and indeed behaves like one: she purrs, she rubs her face against other people's faces, she loves to sleep in a box, and she communicates with cats.
Tibbe does not know what to make of Miss Minoes, but as she supplies him with exclusive news thanks to her relations with cats, he decides to make her is assistant in return for bed and board.
Follows an amazing adventure against the background of the small, typically Dutch town of Killendoorn, where everybody knows everybody and has a finger in everybody's pie. The numerous cats in Killendoorn observe mankind and supply Miss Minoes - and therefore Tibbe - with the latest news. Tibbe becomes a successful journalist and tries to keep Miss Minoes out of the picture. This leads to strained relations between himself and his downstairs neighbor - eight years old Bibi van Dam. And between Tibbe and Miss Minoes all is not well either. Tibbe takes advantage of Miss Minoes' "cat news service", but does not want Miss Minoes to behave like a cat. Bibi on the other hand, accepts Miss Minoes the way she is.
After an adventurous night, when Miss Minoes teaches Bibi to walk on the roofs, they become very close friends.

One day the cats discover that Mr. Ellemeet - managing director of the city's most important factory and highly regarded local benefactor - is in fact rather a scoundrel.
When Miss Minoes sees to it that Tibbe publishes Mr. Ellemeet's nasty affairs, the whole town turns against Tibbe. And when Tibbe refuses to rectify his article, he is fired on the spot. But Miss Minoes and her "cat news service" refuse to put up with this. By means of a wicked plan and Bibi's help they manage to publicise the evidence of Mr. Ellemeet's guilt, whereupon Tibbe is rehabilitated. Unfortunately this moment of triumph is overshadowed by rumours that Miss Minoes has decided to become a cat again. Only when she had disappeared Tibbe realises how much Miss Minoes means to him. In his attic he unburdens his heart to Bibi, but who - to his great joy - appears at his attic-window….? A happier ending is inconceivable.