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Original Title



Karel Janak



Country of origin

Czech Republic

Language spoken


Year of production



Ceská Televize
Whisconti S.r.o.

Domestic distribution/World Sales


Domestic release

4 November 2004 (Czech Republic)

Official website


Czech Lions 2005 (Nominated Best Editing and Best Music)

Suggested by

Petr Koliha – Programme Director of the International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Zlín (Czech Republic)


 List of Distributors

Release date


24 February 2005




Rendy and Jáchym want to spend a week in the mountains in order to learn to use the snowboard and have a lot of fun, especially during the New Year’s Eve celebration. Besides, they both hope to finally score with a chick. While their daydreaming feels sweet, the reality is quite bleak. The parents force Jáchym to take along also Marta, his older sister who just loves bossing him. On their arrival to Špindlerùv Mlýn they find out that the free accommodation promised by Milan, Jáchym’s cousin who runs a chalet in this popular mountain resort, is not exactly what they bargained for as they are assigned to makeshift pallets in a room doubling as detergent storage. Moreover, Milan starts using them as auxiliary house help. When Rendy and Jáchym at last actually make it onto the slopes, they learn that to ride the board is more complicated than what it may seem, and they soon join the ranks of the resort’s greatest klutz talents. The house guests at their Inka Chalet include a trio of girls, all attractive, friendly and snowboard-experienced. However, Rendy and Jáchym are not the only guys around who are interested in making friends with the snowboard queens, for the girls are also pursued by self-styled ‘Snow Panthers’, a foursome of cool and handsome guys who can moreover do tricks on snowboard like real pros. If Jáchym and Rendy are to stand at least a semblance of a chance with the girls, they must resort to a bit of cheating. They start making as if they were real snowboard kings and do their best to put the Snow Panthers down in the girls’ eyes by trying all kinds of subterfuge including bugging, aphrodisiacs, lies and other somewhat trickier methods of seduction, which keep landing them in a succession of ever more deeper, thicker and crazier jams.