An initiative of the EU MEDIA Programme with the support of the Italian Government Since 1992 MEDIA Salles has been promoting the European cinema and its circulation at theatrical level

The national and international associations representing the professionals of cinema exhibition in Europe which set up MEDIA Salles
under MEDIA 1991-1995 are:

Associazione Nazionale Esercenti Cinema (ANEC) - Italy
Fédération Nationale des Cinémas Français (FNCF) - France
Nederlandse Vereninging van Bioscoopexploitanten (NBB) - The Netherlands
Confédération Internationale des Cinémas d'Art-et-d'Essai Européens (CICAE) - Europe
Fédération des Cinémas de Belgique (FCB) - Belgium
Filmindustry's Steering Committee - Denmark
Hauptverband Deutscher Filmtheater e.v. (HDF) - Germany
The Cinema Exhibitors' Association (CEA) - Great Britain
Associaçao Portuguesa de Empresas Cinematográficas (APEC) - Portugal
Federación de Entidades de Empresarios de Cines de España (FEECE) - Spain
The Finnish Cinema Owners' Association - Finland
Association of Independent Cinema Owners - Ireland
KKL Norsk Kino og Filmfond - Norway
Association Cinématographique Suisse (ASC) - Switzerland

MEDIA Salles