Welcome in the MEDIA Salles International Database of Digital Cinemas

General Questions

Logout and Save
Can I stop, save and then go back to work on the questionnaire?
After entering the details for each individual screen, it is possible to logout. At the next login you can start entering details from the point where you stopped.

Checking data before sending
Can I review the details entered before sending them to MEDIA Salles?
After entering the first screen, a button will appear at the bottom which allows you to see all the data entered up to then. After entering the last screen, all the data entered for the cinema in question will be visualized and changes can still be made. The data will not be sent definitively to MEDIA Salles until final confirmation is given. After confirmation another cinema can be entered and data previously registered can be viewed.

Checking data after sending
Can I see the data after sending?
In what format?
If you log in after sending the data to MEDIA Salles, you can see online the data that has already been confirmed but it is not possible to make any more changes to it.
Once entered, the data remains accessible to the user who has provided it and (s)he will continue to be able to see it (cinema by cinema) and print it out.

Can I update the information starting out from what I have already sent MEDIA Salles?
When MEDIA Salles asks for the data to be updated, it will again be possible to make changes. You will therefore be able to carry out the update starting from the information previously sent.

Automatic check for discrepancies
Does the system check for discrepancies?
In the completion phase, each time the user asks to view the data entered, the system indicates any discrepancies up to that point, in order to facilitate satisfactory completion of the questionnaire.
Before sending it definitively, the data is checked again and if there are any errors they are indicated.

How long is my password valid?
Can I change it?
Your password is always valid. If you forget, or lose it, you can request it by using the automatic procedure on the special page that can be accessed from the menu, or by email.

Specific comments or requests
If I have doubts that are not clarified in the FAQ, what can I do?
You can write an email (using the link available on each page) clearly explaining the problem you have encountered and giving your own contact details.

Terminating the questionnaire
Once I have entered all the data for all the cinemas managed by my company, what should I do?
Choose the option “all the cinemas in my company have been entered” on the main menu.


Questions about specific sections

Section one

Can I give a name for an exhibition company that is different from the one registered for some cinemas operating in some countries?
Yes, the name of the exhibition company given when logging in and the relevant password remain the same but it is possible, if necessary, to enter a name that is different from the one registered and which appears automatically in the Company box regarding each individual cinema.
If changed, the new name will appear for all the screens in that cinema.
When a new cinema is entered, the login name reappears and can again be changed if need be.

Section two

Multiple delivery methods
If the cinema uses multiple delivery methods, how should I indicate them?
By using the option “other” and listing them in the “specify” box.