"European Cinema Exhibition: A New Approach"
Budapest, Hungary
22-26 September 2004


Welcome message by Domenico Dinoia,
President of MEDIA Salles

Good afternoon to you all!

It is a great pleasure to be here with you all today, especially with our Hungarian friends: Magyar Filmunió, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, and the exhibitors' association. It is their efforts, their will to collaborate and their strong sense of hospitality that have made it possible for our 2004 course - held in the year during which the European Union has become larger and more populous - to be held in Hungary, providing an extra interest for the participants.

Whilst it is true that this course has considered the international dimension an essential aspect both in terms of the range of participants and in terms of the programme content, it is undeniable that it has always paid close attention to the diversity of situations and cultures that characterise the various aspects of Europeans' lives, including their cinema-going.

Meeting here in Budapest is thus an opportunity to deal with topics of international scope, starting both from the experience of each individual's country of origin, and from a comparison with the situation in Hungary, in the spirit of an ongoing dialogue between the international dimension and the approach at home.

Coming to Budapest is also a privileged way of becoming acquainted people, places and facts in a far richer way than that of the tourist, for example.

During the five days that we shall be spending together we shall get to know one another by sharing a common project and learning from each other
. As you know, having been elected President of MEDIA Salles only a few months ago, this is the first time that I have had the opportunity to take part in this type of experience: I trust that all of us, including myself, will find this course useful for making our cinemas a meeting place for Europeans and a chance for gaining a knowledge of Europe's rich cinema culture.